SEO SSL and DNS Security


SEO SSL and DNS Security.

Get an instant boost by letting us create and configure an SSL certificate for you.



SEO SSL and DNS Security Features

  • High Performance SSL Certificate for one year
  • DNS Security
  • Hacker proof DNS

MetaTech SEO SSL offers the FASTEST SSL in the industry. We utilize ChaCha20-Poly1305, a cipher suite that runs three times faster than AES-128-GCM on mobile devices. At MetaTech we care about performance and security.

Google will give your site a significant boost if you utilize SSL. Google will give you an ever bigger boost if you utilize a fast algorithm SSL cipher suite. Our cipher suite is the fastest in the industry and will load your app, website or mobile optimized up to three times faster than AES-128-GCM.

Worried about a DNS DOS attack? Denial of service attacks are common. We can eliminate a DNS denial of service attack using the largest DNS network in the world.